We need your help!

When a special guest joins us each year, we always like to give them a gift at the end of their talk; a small token of our appreciation, as is the custom.

This year, Bob Flowerdew is joining us on 22nd February, and we decided to ask him what gift he would like to receive. His reply was interesting…

I’m building a collection of globe artichokes, do any of you have local/unusual/excellent variety for an offset, also any huge-speared asparagus seed I’m specially searching for Kidner’s Pedigree (won awards in the fifties now lost)?

We know that there must be someone out there who could help us source one (or both) of these vegetables; either within our membership, your family or friends.

If you have either an unusual artichoke or huge-speared asparagus seed, please contact us either through the contact form or by calling our President, Pat Weir, on 01244 571353.

Thank you for your support.