September Talk

On Wednesday 21st September 2016, 48 Members and their guests attended at St Peter's School to listen to a fascinating talk entitled 'Chickens in the Garden' by Andy Cawthray, aka 'Chicken Street'. This is a record attendance for one of our Talks with visitors coming from far afield.

Andy is a trained lecturer and comes across as very knowledgeable and informative, but he puts his subject across in a light hearted manner that is easy to understand. He talked for an hour, but the audience could have listened for much longer to his stories.

What he doesn't know about chickens isn't worth knowing; from what types of chickens are best for laying or for eating to the best types of cages and enclosures for them. Based on personal experience, he led us through the initial setting up to breeding and, ultimately, cooking. (Don't ask what he does with a broom handle!) 

Did you know that when you peel a boiled egg and the white sticks to the shell it is because the egg is too fresh?

Did you know that when you buy a chicken in France it still has the legs attached? That is because the French place a premium on Poulet de Bresse chickens, which have blue legs. They allegedly taste better and so the legs are left on to confirm their provenance.

He also told us about the Silkie Chicken, which can have black feathers or white feathers, but both types have black skin, black meat and even black bones. Apparently, they taste like a standard chicken. but the colour is a little off putting.

We can recommend Andy to any group or individual looking to make a start raising chickens. Andy has talks on diverse subjects and will, no doubt, be invited to speak to us again.