February Talk

On Wednesday 15th February, over 40 Members and Friends enjoyed another excellent, informative and interesting talk by Dr Goronwy Wynne.

Following his account of his journeys through Greenland in 2014, and Flintshire in 2016, we were treated to another enthralling talk on another of his expeditions, this time on the other side of the world to Tierra Del Fuego, an archipelago off the southernmost tip of the South American mainland.

Dr Wynne talked of his excitement of visiting Tierra Del Fuego, and his admiration of Charles Darwin - the best Naturalist the UK has produced.

Following the route of Charles Darwin in the Beagle, Dr Wynne recounted his many experiences on his journey, illustrated by numerous photos of the landscape, Flora and Fauna seen on his journey.

In addition, Dr Wynne touched on some of the history of the area, how European immigration to the area had greatly reduced the local population, due to the unequal conflict and persecution by settlers and by the introduction of infectious diseases to which the indigenous population had no immunity.

Thanking Dr Wynne, John Whiteley said "we can only marvel at your experience, and thank you for the privilege of having you share your experiences with us".