Spring Show Schedule

Plant Sale and Cream Teas
in conjunction with Rossett WI

Saturday 14th June 2014, 2pm to 4pm
Church Hall, Station Road, Rossett


  1. Vase of cut flowers, arranged for effect (one or more varieties)
  2. Vase of 5 blooms of one cultivar of cut flowers arranged with no added foliage
  3. Vase of 3 large flowered roses
  4. Specimen rose - any cultivar
  5. Vase of 3 varieties of tree or shrub foliage, in or out of bloom
  6. Foliage pot plant
  7. Flowering pot plant
  8. Cactus or succulent
  9. 3 named herbs arranged in a container
  10. A flower arrangement in an egg cup *
  11. A miniature garden in a half seed tray *
  12. A collage, on A4 card advertising the 65th Horticultural Show in August *

* Special prizes will be awarded for the best exhibits by children aged 12 years or under.

Entries will be accepted during the staging period on the morning of the Show, which will be between noon and 12.30pm. Presentation of awards will be at 3.30pm.

The exhibitor with the most points will be awarded The Frank Neal Memorial Trophy.

5 points for a first place, 3 points for a second place, and 1 point for a third place. The exhibitor with the best exhibit in Classes 3 and 4 will be awarded The Society Cup.