NWWT Plant Sale

The Wrexham Branch of the North Wales Wildlife Trust is organising a Plant Sale at the Chirk Car Boot Sale on 24th May 2015.

Whilst this event is still some time away, Mr Steve Palin (Secretary) has asked for us help spread the word to give plenty of preparation time, should you be able to contribute.

The Branch is asking for support the event through the contribution of plants nearer the time. Although details are still to be confirmed, they hope to have recruiting officers there and a strong Wildlife Trust presence through promotional material or stands.

"In keeping with the ethos of the Trust, we are hoping to concentrate on wild flowers, those good for bees, herbs and plants with medicinal qualities, rather than any more run-of-the-mill cultivated varieties."

For more information, please contact Mr Palin or visit the North Wales Wildlife Trust website.