November Workshop


November 25th saw the anticipated return of Summer Wynne for our Christmas workshop.

She said due to the popularity of the Great British Bake Off, the ‘Floral Cup Cake’ is popular this Festive season. Choose a cup case shaped vessel and secure your wet oasis into your holder then you can begin.

Using evergreen, and other foliage from your gardens, hedgerow or with permission, from a friend’s garden, cut them quite short as ‘scale and proportion’ is the key to create the dome of a cup cake. Once the foliage had been added to create the shape, Summer inserted berries, seed heads and cones. To wire the cones if they have not opened up enough, then she suggested leaving them in the warm for a couple of days before wiring up.

Next she added small flowers i.e. rosebuds or carnations, and finish off with Christmas baubles with cocktail sticks attached. Summer also used a glitter paint on ivy heads to add a highlight to the arrangement and this we all agreed was very effective. She created three contrasting ‘Floral Cup Cakes’ arrangements and offered them for the BRHS as raffle prizes.

So after the demonstration it was now time for the 25 eager participants to create their own ‘cup cakes’ from the goodies they brought with them. With encouragement from Summer we had an array of styles and colour combinations all adorned with either cones, seed heads, baubles and candles.

The workshop was a great success and we hope Summer has inspired us all to create our own floral displays for Christmas.