April Talk

In late April, Dr Goronwy Wynne, the well know botanist and author of "Flora of Flintshire", gave an excellent talk to members and friends of the BRHS on Wednesday 30th April in our new "home" at St. Peter's School.

Dr. Wynne took us on a journey through words and supported by excellent slides to Greenland the world's largest island. The landscape is just as it has been for thousands of years; a botanist's heaven. 

We were shown how trees have adapted to the harsh conditions of snow; no sun at all for half the year and yet they survive. We saw little alpines tucked into the rocks, and even orchids!!

We were all privileged to hear about this island none of us had visited from such a knowledgable and gifted speaker.

We look forward to welcoming Dr Wynne to the BRHS again in the future.