BRHS Annual Show 2017

This year, for the first time, we asked for sponsorship of the various classes in place of adverts in the schedule. This seemed very successful as both companies and individuals could sponsor for a small amount rather than the cost of an advert. Even members of the committee participated; many thanks.

The Show in full swing
President's Class

Once again we were in Darland School Hall. This is a wonderful venue, light and airy with the foyer to use as well.

This year, we had two new judges, or rather three as we had Mr and Mrs Thomas judging the vegetables and Mrs Alex Duffy was our new Craft judge. All the judges have been approached and are happy to judge again next year. Corrinne Evans our Craft judge for many years was not able to attend due to ill health but Alex, having been thrown in at the deep end was excellent.

A beautiful display
Stewards on hand

As usual we had our very shaky start and wondered if we would have any entries.  In the end we had almost 400 exhibits and over 90 exhibitors, despite the weather. One exhibitor, D. Wyn Rowlands, was showing again after nearly 30 years absence. He last showed when the show was on the field with the gymkhana. Sadly one of our dahlia exhibitors could not show due to him losing most of his dahlia plants. He has promised to be back next year.

Last year we lost a great supporter of the show, Nat Maurice-Jones.  His widow, Helen kindly donated a trophy in his memory along with a sum of money. So after deliberation the committee decided to award this trophy along with ¬£50 to the Best Horticultural exhibit in the Show (this will be an annual prize).  This was won by D Wyn Rowlands, who, as previously mentioned returned to showing after 30 years.  We also had a trophy for the most point in the show which was won by Ben Morris.  Ben also won the Banksian Medal.    

The heaviest pumpkin was a whopping 8st 10lbs or 55.3kilograms. This, again, was won by a new exhibitor Jacques Humphreys.

This year we continued with the produce stall and had numerous plant vegetables and wonderful bird boxes. All donated by members and their families.

Although we did have schedules in the local shops I felt they were not displayed as prominently as in previous years. Having said that, we did have a number of new competitors, some of which won prizes and said they would be back next year.  

Final presentation to Helen

I had the task of showing the Mayor around and he was very enthusiastic and wanted to be shown around all the show, asking numerous questions about all the Sections of the show and taking photographs. 

The Show closed with Helen Maurice-Jones presenting the prizes and the results of the raffle.

Carolyn Bates
Show Secretary

If you are interested in showing or volunteering at next year's Annual Show, please contact us by clicking here, or sign up to our Newsletter at the top of this page to stay up-to-date. The Committee is always looking for volunteers to help support our events, and we would be very pleased to hear from you if you can spare a few hours of your time to help out.