BRHS Annual Show 2015

The annual Burton & Rossett Horticultural Society Show was held on Saturday 29th August, as part of Rossett Festival. Lovely weather on the day brought out a large number of visitors, which made for a great atmosphere. 

Despite a hot Spring and a very windy and wet Summer, exhibitors produced some wonderful exhibits. Pat Weir, the President of the Burton & Rossett Horticultural Society, presented the trophies, including the prestigious Banksian Medal, which is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, to David Roberts for his exhibits in the vegetable and flower sections. 

Pat also judged the Streptocarpus plants, which were grown-on from plug plants supplied to members as part of our trip to Dibleys in May for the President’s Class. This was won by Mike Jarvis. 

The Dahlias, once again, were a riot of colour and made a magnificent display. The winner of the Dahlia Silver Medal for the best exhibit was “Shep” Evans, who also won the Ross Wallis Challenge cup for the highest points in the Dahlia Section.  

Another eye-catching display was the Fuchsias, with John Whiteley winning the Silver Salver for a group of three.  

The Junior Section had a large selection of scarecrows made from wooden spoons, plus interesting edible necklaces made from different sweets, vegetables and even one with olives in it. The trophy for the 7-and-under age group was shared by Ellen Montgomery and Harry Rowland, whilst the 8-to-11 age group was won by Eve Wilde, who also won the trophy for the best exhibit in the Junior Section. Well done to all who entered exhibits; they made a wonderful, colourful display.
Amazing vegetables displayed in baskets for the “5-a-Day” class were another feature along with displays of Craft, Cookery and Floral Art. Ben Morris again had a very successful day with trophies for the heaviest marrow and pumpkin, plus the Shallcross Rose Bowl for the most meritorious exhibit in the flower and vegetable sections with his ‘5-a-Day' basket.

This one-day show is a great credit to all who take part, either as exhibitors or helpers, and the Society thanks them all. The Horticultural Society would also like to thank those who sponsored the Show and all the local businesses who kindly donated prizes for the raffle. 

We hope to see you all again on the 27th August 2016!

Carolyn Bates
Show Secretary

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