November Talk

On  Wednesday November 21st we had a talk about goats and soap making by Carol Allen of Llanvalley Natural Products.

Llanvalley have been in operation since 2010 when they started with 2 goats  Lily and Milly to help clear the weeds and thistles from their smallholding in the Vale of Llangollen. They got the goats for their milk as it is high in protein and low in cholesterol to feed the family. The products are made on their smallholding, using fresh milk from their goats who are free to roam the wooded hillside, the goats love browsing and a sturdy fence is essential!

They started with 2 goats Lily and Milly, who then met Billy the Toggenberg and a few months later Spooky , Casper and Dilys were born.  After 2 years Gwynfor the seafaring goat from Bardsey Island came for a visit. Dilys gave birth to Eira in 2015, and Eira herself has now had triplets in 2017 which is quite rare and they have kept her smallest triplet on the farm. They now have 5 goats including Eira and Wennol.

 Carol wanted to use the surplus milk and found an old recipe to make goats milk soap also  incorporating her home grown flowers and herbs. She also uses local Welsh honey and beeswax for her  Natural skincare products including balms. All their products have no SLA, SLES, Parabens, parfumerie environmentally safe, no palm oil, and  are all cruelty free.

The pureness of Llanvalley Natural Products makes them suitable for even the most sensitive skins.  All the products are skin nourishing with moisturising qualities, oils of olive, coconut, pure essential oils added at trace.

Carol visits local markets and also sells her produce at local stockists. She brought a good selection with her and they will be found in many a stocking on Christmas morning.

Thank you again to Carol for her informative and amusing  talk.

Merry Christmas to you all.