1876 — The Rossett, Gresford, Pulford and Dodleston Cottagers Horticultural Society held its first Flower Show in a marquee at Trevalyn Park (by permission of Captain Griffith Boscawen).

1877 — The show was held in September, and there were 270 prizes. To accommodate the increasing entries, a second marquee was necessary. Exhibits from cottagers and amateurs were displayed in the first marquee, and those of Gentleman’s Gardeners in the second marquee.

1878 — The Duchess of Westminster presented the prizes. This year the judges were Mr H. Prince, gardener to Mr Scott Bankes of Soughton Hall, and Mr T. Scott of Roseneath Wrexham. “Roseneath” was a house on the site that later became the War Memorial Hospital

1879 — The schedule including ten extra prizes and a long list of patrons. Despite the bad weather, the park was crowded, and Mr Dudleston of the Trevor Arms was kept busy in his refreshment tent.

1881 — Mrs Barker of Llyndir presented the prizes, and Captain and Mrs Boscawen held an “At Home” at Trevelyn Hall.

1882 — Ten more prizes were added to the list, and Lady Cunliffe of Acton Hall presented the prizes at 4.00pm. The 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh Band played selections of music in the afternoon, and special cheap rail tickets were issued from Chester and Wrexham. The Show had become so well known, that notices had to be posted in the village stating that, “No Shooting Galleries or Nut-Standings would be allowed in the village on Flower Show Day”.

1883 — The Duchess of Westminster presented the prizes, the Rossett Christ Church Band played selections, and the Lancashire and Cheshire Bee Association sent an expert to advise on the manipulation of bees.

1884 — The Denbighshire Hussars Band was in attendance.

1885 — 200 prizes were distributed at 4.30pm by Mrs Townsend, and the Rossett Church Choir Band provided the music. 

1886 — 290 prizes were presented by the Duchess of Westminster.

1887 — The Hon. Mrs Kenyon presented the prizes, the judges were Mr Thompson of Hoole House and Mr Smith of Dell Nurseries, Rock Ferry. Wild flowers were judged by Mr Benyon of Acton, Mr George Dutton judged the honey, and Mrs Boydell (with Mrs Hoops) judged the Industrial Section.

1888 — A new class was introduced in the schedule, for a collection of plants arrange for effect in a three-feet square space. The judges were Mr Strachen of Wrexham and Mr Walter King of Dicksons Nurseries, Chester. Mrs Wickham and Mrs Parker judged the Industrial Section. Lady Cunliffe presented the prizes at 5.00pm and Mrs Griffith Boscawen gave a large garden party on the day of the show.

Click here to download an article from the Church Magazine in 1888, describing the year's Annual Show.

1889 — Miss Chilton presented the prizes.

1891 — This year Mr Pen Dennis sent a display of pottery from his Ponciau Works. The Rev. Wickham became Chairman, and the judges included Mr Farquhason and Mr Noval of Dicksons Nurseries and Mr G. Squibbs of Gresford Nurseries. A sale of work in aid of the new Church Buildings was held in the Hall and the work was laid out on three circular stalls under Japanese umbrellas. Lady Cunliffe presented the prizes and a Garden Party was held at the Hall.

1892 — The Shropshire Yeomanry Band provided the music.

1893 — Lady Lettice Grosvenor presented the prizes, and there was a fine display of roses.

1894 — Many excellent carnations were entered for the special prize given by Captain Griffith Boscawen who was now Chairman. Mr Stokes Roberts was Treasurer. A new open section was added to the schedule for “Table decoration not to exceed five pieces”. A special prize for one nasturtium bloom was also added.

1896 — Wrexham Borough Band was in attendance and Lady Cunliffe presented prizes.

1899 — The Dowager Lady Hanmer presented the prizes. The judges Mr Barnes of Eaton Hall, Mr Rouse of Wrexham, and Mr Gregory of Chester said that the sweet peas and collection of herbs were of a very high standard.

1900 — The Hon. Mrs Cecil Parker presented the prizes. 

1901 — Lady Lettice Grosvenor attended the Garden Party and presented the prizes.

1902 — Heavy rain fell all day. The schedule was altered to accommodate sections covering the following classes within the two marquees: (1) Cottagers; (2) Amateurs; (3) Gentlemen with or without greenhouses, but who employ gardeners; (4) Gentlemen who employ gardeners and have over 300 sq.ft. of greenhouses; and (5) Open competitions.

1903 and 1905 — Mrs Philip York of Erddig presented prizes.

1907 — Lady Margaret Cholmondeley presented the prizes. Mrs Griffith Boscawen had 400 square yards of ground specially levelled for dancing, the music being provided by the Cheshire Brigade Band. Dancing took place by artificial light.

[Gap due to the two World Wars.]

1955 — The society staged various classes in red, white and blue to commemorate the coronation. The membership of the society in this year was recorded as 287 members.

1956 — Introduction of Soccer Pontoon, forerunner of the monthly draw.

1965 — Bank Holiday moved from beginning of August to end of August, which meant changes to classes in Schedule.

1966 — The Society donated and planted bed of roses outside OAP bungalows in Station Road. A ladies committee was reformed under the chairperson of Mrs Bessie Gillam.